Weapons and Uniforms in winter

2021. 11. 11.

Reenactors dress enthusiastically in period uniforms, presenting life in the fortress of the soldiers and ordinary people.

They transport you back to the era of the siege. Imagine the famous events of 1552 enacted within the fortress walls. Learn about the soldiers and the thousand-year-long history of the Castle.


What was life like in a sixteenth-century fortress, and how did the soldiers' uniforms look?  

How was a contemporary weapon loaded and properly fired?  

Our brave soldiers will happily tell you. 

Hear tales of joy and sorrow in the barracks, and learn how the women' fared.



By prior appointment. A fee of 10.000 HUF will apply.


info@egrivar.hu / +36 36/312-744/101

This live entertainment is in Hungarian only