Literary History collection

2021. 09. 07.

Since its foundation, the museum has gone to great lengths to preserve the author's work, cherish his legacy and disseminate his heritage in formal education and in a museum setting.

The famous novelist Géza Gárdonyi moved to Eger in 1897 in search of peace and inspiration for his work. Unfortunately, he passed away at the young age of 59, and his family bequeathed his estate to our museum in 1969.

The Gárdonyi collection represents the most comprehensive estate of any Hungarian writer. It consists of family and personal documents, biographical details, manuscripts, letters, notes written in cypher, newspapers, magazines and personal items.

The most valuable items are the manuscript fragments of his novel "Eclipse of the Crescent Moon", journals written in cypher and his correspondence with the Légrády Brothers Publishing House. In 1970 experts broke his code, and thus, more information about this author became available. His home in Eger has been open to visitors since 1952 and is still in period condition. The permanent exhibition showcases his literary legacy with bookcases in the hall full of his books, newspapers, and a music collection. In his bedroom, you can view his original bed and desk. Gárdonyi was a writer and an amateur painter, and many rooms display his paintings and reproductions. His study contains nearly five thousand books, leather furniture, and his treasured pipe collection.



Many of our educational and cultural events have become much-loved occasions during the past few years. We have laid flowers in October at the author's grave for many decades now. We have celebrated Gárdonyi Memorial Day every year since 2000 and the author's birthday since 2008. In 2013, in the Gárdonyi Memorial Year, we hosted the Gárdonyi Literary Festival for the first time. Our tent, the so-called "Gárdonyi’s Den", has been erected in numerous towns and villages to promote the writer's work.



While arranging the Gárdonyi Memorial House and its collection, we published two museum education books (Book Journal, Master Booklets – 2009 Award of Excellence for Museum Education) along with a promotional publication (MIRE booklets – Géza Gárdonyi).