2021. 09. 07.

One of the tasks of the István Dobó Castle Museum – in terms of the entire region of Heves County – is the collection, preservation, cataloguing and utilisation of archaeological and numismatic relics.

Our central task is to collect, preserve, catalogue finds originating from archaeological excavations in Heves County and present them to the general public. We have found many items during field surveys or while supervising major construction projects, including motorway construction. These activities ensure the artefacts we find become state property and that their recovery is professional.  We document everything in detail during the excavations, and the finds are cleaned, restored, and inventoried. We employ many analytical techniques to evaluate the pieces.



Excavation results are only made public after exhaustive scientific research, ensuring they provide us with a maximum amount of local history information. Our archaeological collections are expanding quickly and represent our most extensive collection. We group items according to their age, with prehistoric, migration period and mediaeval sections. Our mediaeval stone carvings, anthropological and zoological  collections, historical data and old maps are all handled by our Department of Archaeology.